A New Road Ahead

lashes and browsIt is early Sunday morning and I am enjoying a nice cup of coffee on this crisp/cold morning.  I have a smile on my face and a warm feeling in my heart.  But… I still feel some slight anxiety and excitement for the next phase in my life.

I am currently enrolled in a microblading course, I will start full time aesthetics courses the beginning of October and I am will be taking a lash extension course in November, and work, all while juggling my 2 awesome young kids as a single mom.

I will eventually get my butt back to my premed course too.  I would be ecstatic if I can get to my RN or PA degree.

I am going to brag and say I am pretty bad ass with my passion in succeeding. I am finally getting back into an industry I always had a passion for.  (Skin/Beauty)

I have been blessed working for a wonderful general practioner for the last 8 years.  (He may be retiring, hens the new road ahead for me).  My doctor has spoiled me with my allowing me flexible hours, being a mom first, and not having to deal with the daily employee bullshit (since it has always been me and my doc).  For this reason, I am going to open my own business and focus on the flexibility I can have working for myself so I can be a mother to my kids when they need me.

I hope to have all the support from friends and family in my next venture.  I would ask for people to wish me luck… but I don’t want luck… I would like to ask people to wish me success.



Author: monetteanderson13

Single mom of 2 absolutely fabulous kids. They are my world. They are my crazy. I am truly blessed to be considered their mom. I am a full time owner and specialist of an aesthetics/lash & brow bar. I am a full time Medical Director to a kind hearted general practioner. I am a full time student. My life is FULL, yet there is still room for more to enjoy!!! The bitter and the sweet...

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