Haven Conference, Atlanta

Just got home from an amazing conference.  I was overwhelmed by all the information, and biggest thing I learned from everyone was to stay true to myself.  “Be authentic”, “stay true to who you are”.  These are the things I heard repeated many times.  So, I plan on doing this.  I am a strong woman with a big mouth and a big heart!!!

They also would say, when you leave here with this vast information to focus on one thing only… So, my goal is to write and post at least once a month.  This is a big goal considering I have NO time to myself.

I met some amazing women that I hope I can keep in touch with.  I hope to have some followers and educators from them.

It was “bittersweet” for me because so many of these women have the support of a loving husband to back them up, relieve them from other duties, be there for just a shoulder… so of course it made me think of my own relationship that I thought WAS amazing.  I teared up many times addressing who I am, why I came down to this conference, and where I plan on forging ahead.  I am still scared, I am still angered, I still love…

Now I move forward with what God has given me.  I now make a new plan for my life and my children, and I hope I have the support and guidance from some amazing woman I met this last week.



Author: monetteanderson13

Single mom of 2 absolutely fabulous kids. They are my world. They are my crazy. I am truly blessed to be considered their mom. I am a full time owner and specialist of an aesthetics/lash & brow bar. I am a full time Medical Director to a kind hearted general practioner. I am a full time student. My life is FULL, yet there is still room for more to enjoy!!! The bitter and the sweet...

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