Bad Moms!!! (Me and the movie)

This movie is SO worth seeing and buying when it comes out.  This should be seen by all moms who have kids in school (before the PTA) even starts.  We as parents are everything to our little ones.  We MOMS try to accomplish the holy grail for our offspring.  We want to be the best we can for them, and IT IS exhausting.

I never thought I would be a single mom raising 2 awesome little ones, age 3 and 6…but reality hit and here I am!!! (This is the bitter and the sweet.)  Mila K. is so me, just as it is many single mothers out there working full time, taking them to school, trying to have extra curricular activities and still spend quality time with them when we are ALL home.

I’ve always said, (when I am carrying EVERYTHING in my arms),  “I wish God made women with 4 arms and still beautiful.” I am a 1 trip kind of mom.  I want to get everything out/in my house in 1 trip, that means purse, kids, backpacks, grocery bags, etc., so I can save time.

Mila K. driving is SO me too.  While driving to see this movie and meet my sister, (I was running late from making dinner for the kids, giving them their baths, setting up their Kindles while G-ma watched them for the 2 hours I was away). I got pulled over by my wonderful Newcastle Sheriff for going 55 in a 35.  When he pulled me over, he asked how fast I thought I was going, I told him “not fast enough, if I didn’t outrun him”.  I proceeded to tell him, I know he pulled me over for speeding and not my good looks.  He got a chuckle and thank the Lord above, I was able to talk my way out of it (and also knowing his co-worker) was very helpful!!  Thank you Steve for being my sheriff friend!

So, off I go to meet my sister and BIL and enjoyed an awesome movie, where I laughed so hard, could relate in so many areas, and appreciated being a mother so much more!!!

After the movie, my sister (Laura) did say, Mila is so me and I, so her!  Great compliment!


Author: monetteanderson13

Single mom of 2 absolutely fabulous kids. They are my world. They are my crazy. I am truly blessed to be considered their mom. I am a full time owner and specialist of an aesthetics/lash & brow bar. I am a full time Medical Director to a kind hearted general practioner. I am a full time student. My life is FULL, yet there is still room for more to enjoy!!! The bitter and the sweet...

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